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My Story

A foreigner here, foreigner there.

Today, 20 years ago, I moved to France for good. Before that, I had been going and seeing all over South America for about 10 years. First in Peru for a year, during which I was lucky enough to work as a photographer for an anthropologist with whom I went on several scientific expeditions. It was a privilege to discover so many secrets of those ancient cultures. I then spent two years in Ecuador, travelling between mountains, coasts, and jungle, before venturing to Colombia. In the land of coffee, I spent a few months in Cali, but I also explored dangerous areas such as Putumayo, in the south-west of the country, on the border with Ecuador and Peru. I have accumulated various experiences in the audiovisual field, working for several TV shows and documentary and reportage shoots in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. 


The years went by between Brazil and Argentina before I settled in France as a translator.  At the age of 55, although I can now say that I have spent the last 20 years in France, I feel linked to that world full of different cultures and languages, and above all, I feel inhabited by memories that have their faces and names. 

Born and raised in Patagonia, France adopted me more than two decades ago. I am certainly a bicultural, neither the sum of these two cultures, nor the receptacle of two distinct cultures, but a new entity that combines and synthesizes the aspects and traits of these two cultures, in an original and personal way. Therefore, I have my cultural competence, my own experience, and my own ecology. Both cultures have left an irremediable mark on me and have encouraged me to create the blog The French Translations. What is it about? Share topical content that I have translated into French about my areas of interest: new trends and new technologies, innovations in communication and marketing, sustainable development policies, fair trade, artificial intelligence, and so many other topics, but also languages since they are my profession, my vocation, and my passion.


With the internet era, the idea of translating germinated in my mind in 2009. 
In my early days as a translator, I was very lucky to be able to collaborate with researchers from the Sorbonne University, investigative journalists from France Television, and documentary filmmakers with a desire to show, in images, what the planet has of terrible at times, but also of more beautiful.


Thanks to the success I have achieved and the development of my career, I have become a real professional in the field of content. Today, after a long journey, the sectors I work with daily are content marketing, emotional marketing, and the luxury industry, but I have also specialized in many other sectors.


My source languages are English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
I provide professional translation services in French, Spanish, English, Italian & Portuguese.

If you need a multilingual translation service and a project manager to manage your multilingual translation projects, do not hesitate to contact me, I have my own network of partner translators with whom I have worked for over 10 years.

15 years of experience, in collaboration with many of the most important communication agencies, and the whole community of innovators, knowledge seekers, strategy and brand consultants, and graphic and product designers. Extensive expertise in web content, SEO, and digital marketing. Technical competence & and informatics skills. Excellent English, French, and Spanish. Rigorous, methodical, organized and reactive. Expertise in handling international projects. Managerial skills, leadership, performance, and results oriented. Head of his network of experienced translators.



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Web Writing

Quality Translation

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Luxury goods industry specialist

Interior design specialist

Extensive expertise in emotional marketing

Strong expertise in sensory marketing

My added value

My Approach

I have extensive experience in cross-cultural communication and marketing, and the quality of the translation of your content intended for your foreign clients is a real competitive advantage. I have a thorough understanding of the multilingualism and cultural diversity issues that international companies often face.

The internationalization of trade expands the market for companies and creates new opportunities, but it also brings with it many risks and new challenges, as we need to respond to buyer segments from different cultures: Interculturalism is therefore at the heart of our concerns, with implications for organisation, operations and communication.

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